Rockpool Rambles & Talks

I’ve also been getting my feet wet in the rockpools (as ever). This week I’m heading up to North Devon to run rockpool sessions for Lynmouth state of the art education centre (Wednesday) and also Ilfracombe Museum (Thursday).

I’ve already given a talk to Ilfracombe Museum on “200 Years on the Seashore”. It’s a talk to celebrate and explore our relationship with the sea over the past 200 years. I used many of my historical seashore guides to offer some perspectives. It was really interesting researching the talk and I have been told (in feedback from attendees) that the talk was “great fun and very infromative”.

I’ll be giving the same talk this Wednesday evening at Lynmouth Pavillions at 7pm.

Valmer filming with Back to the Planet.

Had a fantastic day down in Mount Batten filming with production company Back to the Planet. You can see photos of the shoot here: on the Back to The Planet facebook page.

The film was for a European project called Valmer which was very similar to the European project I worked on when I worked in policy at Devon County Council. We were creating a film to demonstrate the value and benefits (ecosystem services) of our seas and oceans. It was a beautiful sunny day and Mount Batten (Plymouth) showcased all the benefits of the sea beautifully!

It also gave me a chance to practise my french on one of the Valmer french partners and also to go kayaking and make use of Back to the Planet’s dolli and MOVi camera system…over water…brilliant fun!

The film will be available on-line soon.

Learn To Sea

I’m just about to start a fantastic project with a local school which will run though March – June at a wonderful wetland/estuary wildlife hotspot. The children will become mini wildlife rangers! They’ll lay pitfall traps, mammal traps, use sweep nets and kick nets, observe the birds and much more thanks to funding from the Aune Conservation Association.


…not much in the last few months due to the hard storms hitting our coast. However, we’ll be back in soon and I will be completing my Dive Leader qualification through my Totnes BSAC club. (As well as last year’s HSE commercial course!)

Coast magazine

Since January I have been enjoying a regular column in Coast magazine. It’s brilliant to be part of the Coast team and am regularly taking part in their #coasthour on Twitter 12 – 1pm.  So do check out this fantastic mag which celebrates all things wonderful about our coast!